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Workplace accidents on the rise

Hours? Days?
WORKPLACE accidents in Malaysia are on the rise with 59,897 cases reported to Social Security Organisation (Socso) in 2011, 3.77 per cent higher than the 57,639 cases in 2010.

Of the 59,897 cases, 58 per cent were industrial accidents while the rest while commuting.

"Commuting accidents increased in 2011 to 24,089 cases, up 11.16 per cent compared to 2010," said Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Maznah Mazlan.

"Socso found that most of these accidents took place on the way to work in the mornings," she said after officiating the Occupational Safety and Health in School Awareness Programme 2012 at SMK Padang Tembak yesterday.

Compensation to employees injured in workplace accidents rose last year.

In 2010, Socso paid RM1.6 billion. Last year, it increased to RM1.73 billion.

A stiff fine awaits those who neglect to report workplace accidents within a certain time frame, said Maznah.

"The law states any occupational accident must be reported within seven days or the employer could be fined RM10,000, but not many are aware of it," she said.

Worker safety and health is paramount, she said, especially after hearing of cases in other countries where disaster victims do not receive the welfare they should.

Maznah said one of the best ways to combat workplace accidents is by inculcating occupational safety and health from schools.

She said she was impressed by the choral speaking presentation by SMK Padang Tembak students on occupational safety and health.

"I like to record the choral speaking in a studio and spread it to all schools to deliver the message," said Maznah.

The minister handed out safety equipment such as helmets and reflective jackets to school staff.

SourceThe Malay Mail

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